Monday, July 25, 2016

Poets and their words...

I've been liking a lot of those 3-4 lines poems or verses on Instagram. Many of them hit you in the gut with a simple image of heartbreak, blossoming love or recovery from an old love. I am familiar with all of these themes. The standout poets are R.M. Drake, Dru.Anthony and Rupi Kaur.

Their work ignite emotions me I thought were dead. It's funny how poetry can take you back to a time, place and person in your life and you attach it to them- for whatever reason. 

Keep it sleazy

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

It was the other day I read this article and was reminded of this.

 It has taken me close to two years to realise I need me before I can make room for another person in my life. That doesn't mean I don't welcome love. I love love. For a brief time it was something I believed would only happen to other people or to those who were selfless. But I've realised in these few weeks it is also for those who are ready for anything! Which is why I'd like to marry myself. Coz' WTF not?


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Your ears need to hear this

#Nowplaying THIS

I'm sorry but I don't know what my ears have been listening to until I heard this guy a few days ago. He is South Africa's answer to the Weeknd. Proper addicted to his lyrics. I only singalong to one track which is "In Your Life". It is mad sexual - but what to do? 

Keep it Sleazy